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Jaffa is the oldest part of Tel Aviv-Yafo. It is south of the Tel Aviv city center. Jaffa is the most ancient city centre and port within the Tel Aviv region.

Tourists flock to Jaffa mainly to wander around and enjoy the picturesque views and the local food joints and hunt for bargains in the shops and markets. If you would like to understand the history and significance of particular places in Jaffa better, a guided tour may be a good idea.

 Before the new Jewish city of Tel Aviv was founded in 1908 in the sand dunes north of Jaffa, Jaffa was the main settlement for Arabs, Jews and the various waves of occupiers (Turks, British, etc.). Today, Jaffa is a southern suburb of Tel Aviv, and the main concentration of Arab population in the Tel Aviv area. Like other nearby areas, it is beginning to undergo gentrification from downtown Tel Aviv.

- Wikivoyage

Image by Mesut Kaya

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