TRAVA is just taking off on its journey to be the worlds best online travel planner.
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TRAVA is for the travellers.
Travelling has been such an important part of our lives. It has allowed us to experience so many amazing places and meet so many interesting people that we can't help but want to inspire others to do the same.
We know that travellers want to be safe, see places and the best times, and have the most amazing trip possible. But we also know that planning the perfect trip is a lot of work and it can be ridiculously frustrating and overwhelming!
That's why we've created TRAVA, we want to make travel planning easy. 
We're creating a home for travel planning, that connects you to all the best things the world has to offer. We're excited to go on this journey with you, we really hope we can inspire you to do some amazing things, and we look forward to learning a thing or two from you too!
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