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Wave Rock and the  Hippo's Yawn are located at Hyden. The rocks emerge out from the utterly flat surrounding farm land 4km outside of town. The iconic 14m high 110m long curving granite face of Wave Rock has borne 500 million years of erosion to take its present form. Some say that it's only worth spending 15 minutes there before the novelty wears out but really you could realistically spend twice that if you arrive in the early morning or late afternoon and watch the colour of the rock change with the movement of shadows. A 3.6km walking track leads up over and around the rock. The most attractive part of trail runs along the rock edge to the left of wave rock and links up with nearby Hippo's Yawn. This cave resembles a hippo with mouth agape.

Entry to all the sites is free, though there's a $7 parking fee for the carpark right in front of Wave Rock (to the left of the caravan park entrance). Frugal travellers can park at The Breakaways, just below the town dam and walk 200m to the wave or park at the Hippo's Yawn and walk about 1km to the wave for free. It's a nice walk too.

- Wikipedia

Image by Mesut Kaya

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