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Tsumago is a post-town in Nagano. One of the most visited places in the Kiso Valley, Tsumago has been beautifully restored as an Edo Era post-town but in a more authentic manner that other similar restorations like Magome Tsumago served as an important stop on the Nakasendo, a route that connected Tokyo and Kyoto.

During the Edo period, Tsumago was the forty-second of the sixty-nine post towns, which connected Edo (present-day Tokyo) with Kyoto. Prior to becoming part of the Nakasendō, it was the tenth of eleven stations along the Kisoji, a minor trade route running through the Kiso Valley. As such, it was a relatively prosperous and cosmopolitan town, with an economy based on currency.

In 1976, the town was designated by the Japanese government as a Nationally Designated Architectural Preservation Site. Despite its historical appearance, however, Tsumago is fully inhabited, though with tourist shops as the town's main business.

- Wikivoyage

Image by Mesut Kaya

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