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Sanibel Island is a city in Florida, entirely encompassing a barrier island west of Fort Myers. Sanibel is known as a quiet, natural travel destination, well-suited for families.

Sanibel is not at all a stereotypical "Spring Break" type of destination. Its primary attractions are its birds, seashells, and sunsets, and many families travel here for a quiet getaway.

The peak travel season in Sanibel is January through April. Southwest Florida has some of the nation's mildest weather during this time, making this particular area appealing to winter-weary travelers. September and October are the island's quietest months, with some businesses shutting down for several weeks of the year.

Summers in southwest Florida can be oppressively hot and humid, but during the other months of the year Sanibel is a mild and pleasant environment. Even in the summers Sanibel's ocean breezes can eliminate some of the stifling heat.

- Wikivoyage

Image by Mesut Kaya

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