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Saint Brélade is one of the twelve parishes of Jersey in the Channel Islands. It is around 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) west of St Helier. Its population was 10,568 as of 2011.

The parish is the second-largest parish by surface area, covering 7,103 vergées (12.78 km2), which is 11% of the total land surface of the island and it occupies the southwestern part of the island. It is the only parish to border only one other parish, St. Peter. The parish is largely a suburban commuter area for St Helier, with expansive low rise residential development, especially in the urban area of Les Quennevais. However, the parish also has a number of notable natural sites, such as the sand dunes of St Ouen's Bay.

St. Brelade is in the south-west of the island of Jersey, part of the Channel Islands archipelago. It is the only parish to border one other parish, St. Peter. It is located 4.7 kilometres (2.9 mi) west of St Helier. The parish has a number of popular bays, St. Brelade's Bay, Ouaisné, Portelet and parts of both St. Ouen's Bay and St. Aubin's Bay falling within the parish boundaries.

- Wikipedia

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