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Poás Volcano National Park, in Spanish Parque Nacional Volcán Poás, is a National Park in Costa Rica that covers an area of approximately 65 square kilometres (16,000 acres); the summit is 2,700 metres (8,900 ft).

Over the years, the park has been frequently closed to visitors due to precautions because of water vapor and sulphuric gas emissions. The status of the park being subject to change, potential visitors should check the current conditions at the park. 

Poas Volcano erupted twice briefly in September 2019. The main crater is quite active with frequent small geyser and lava eruptions. Two more craters make up parts of the park, the extinct Von Frantzuis crater and the Botos crater. Lake Botos is a beautiful cold, green water crater lake. The Botos crater has not erupted for about 7,500 years. Well-marked trails lead to the two inactive craters, conditions permitting.

- Wikipedia

Image by Mesut Kaya

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