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Mullerthal is a subregion of the Luxembourgian Grevenmacher District. It is commonly referred to as Luxembourg's Little Switzerland. Its biggest city is Echternach, and the region consists of the same area as the canton of Echternach.

The Mullerthal is a region filled with nature. If you have ever visited Switzerland, then the region's nickname should give you a fair idea of what you'll find in the Mullerthal: Nature, sloping terrain and beautiful panoramas. You'll also find an abundance of hiking and cycling trails and routes. 

The Mullerthal covers about the same area as the canton of Echternach does. Occasionally cities as Diekirch are counted as part of Mullerthal, but generally speaking the Mullerthal is the same as the canton of Echternach, with, surprisingly, Echternach as its biggest city.

- Wikivoyage

Image by Mesut Kaya

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