La Boca is a working class district of Buenos Aires. It has a reputation of being prone to more crime than central areas. Tourist areas are relatively safe; going beyond the unmarked borders (crossing a street can be enough) of the tourist area can put you at risk of trouble. As of late 2008, three American tourists were robbed at knifepoint during the afternoon near Puente Trasbordador (tranporter bridge) a few blocks away from the Caminito Street. Also as of late 2013, European travelers have had their backpacks stolen at knifepoint near Caminito. No matter which country of travel, tourists should exercise caution during all times of the day.

August 2014- Two American travelers were robbed just 2 blocks from Caminito (on Olavarria between Puente Nicolas and Necochea) by a group of 5-6 young men with two dogs. The first guy asked the time and pointed to his wrist then whistled to his accomplices down the block. Passports were returned, upon request. Wallets, purse, coats, camera and sunglasses were taken. Police were two blocks but criminals didn't seemed concerned.

Restaurant and bar owners in the parts of La Boca away from the tourist areas are only too happy to see tourists, as their establisments are not as crowded as the popular areas. Expect quality local style food and service at a low price. Just remember that a much higher crime rate exists in these areas.

- Wikitravel

Image by Mesut Kaya

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