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Garibaldi Provincial Park is a rugged wonderland set amid the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Its landscape — shaped by volcanic action and carved by glaciers — is dotted with blue lakes and snow-capped mountains, providing some of the most stunning hiking and camping in the province. If you want to see some of British Columbia's scenery, it would be hard to go wrong to spend a day or more taking in all Garibaldi Park has to offer.

Mt. Garibaldi was designated as a provincial park in 1927. The landscape is mountainous, with many of the peaks (famous ones like Black Tusk, Mount Garibaldi and the Cinder Cone) in the park being shaped by volcanic forces. Lava flows created "The Barrier", a prominent ridge in the western part of the park that created a natural dam and holds Garibaldi Lake in.

The park consists of forests of Douglas fir, western red cedar and western hemlock, and alpine meadows. The meadows are filled with the blooms of wildflowers during July and August. This park is home to mammalian species including black bear, mountain goat, deer, marmot, and pika. Bird species of golden eagle, bald eagle, and ptarmigan also inhabit the area.

- Wikivoyage

Image by Mesut Kaya

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