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Eskişehir is a city in the northwestern part of Central Anatolia. It is often known nationwide as the "students' city" because of the large numbers of students enrolling two local universities who make up at least a tenth of its 885,000 residents (2019).

Seldom on the travellers' itineraries in the past, Eskişehir is now quickly polishing its historic attractions, and investing a lot on city beautification projects in the hopes of marketing itself to a wider audience. Now with the high speed rail link in place, the regional tourists, at the very least, are quickly responding in consideration of checking out the "miracle in the steppes" — the "Venice of Anatolia", as they say, rather hyperbolically. Home of the hippest crowd in a largely conservative inland Turkey, Eskişehir is great for a laid-back day or two to break your Turkish odyssey, also providing a convenient base to explore the little visited surrounding region.

The area is inhabited since before the Phrygians founded Doryleaum near today’s Eskişehir, name of which translates to "the old city" in Turkish, a fitting name as the city fully embraces modern life while still maintaining a sense of tradition and ancient values.

- Wikivoyage

Image by Mesut Kaya

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