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Eibsee is a lake in Bavaria, Germany, 9 km southwest of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and roughly 100 km southwest of Munich. It is 973.28 metres (3,193.2 ft) above sea-level and its surface area is 177.4 hectares (438 acres). It is at the northerly base of the Zugspitze (2,950 metres (9,680 ft) above sea level and 3.5 km to the south), Germany's highest mountain. The lake lies within the municipality of Grainau and is privately-owned.

The shape of today's lake with its 29 hollows and 8 islands was created. It is one of the rare cases in which islands and shallows of a lake are geologically much younger than the lake basin itself. 

The lake is a 'blind lake', since there is no above-ground drain and water can only drain off or seep away underground, due to the location of the pool.

- Wikipedia

Image by Mesut Kaya

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