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Cognac is a commune in the Charente department in the south-west of France. Administratively, the commune of Cognac is a sub-prefecture of the Charente department. The town of Cognac was unknown before the 9th century, when the town was fortified. 

During the Hundred Years' War, the town Cognac changed continually changed sides according to the tides of war. In 1526, the town of Cognac lent their name to the War of the League of Cognac, the military alliance established by King Francis I of France to fight against the House of Habsburg As a benefit of the War League of Cognac, King Francis I granted to the town of Cognac the commercial right to participate in the salt trade conducted along the river, from which regional Cognac developed into a centre for the production of wine and brandy.

The town gives its name to one of the world's best-known types of brandy or eau de vie. Drinks must be made in certain areas around the town of Cognac and must be made according to strictly defined regulations to be granted the name Cognac. Cognac is a unique spirit in that it is double-distilled. This process can be viewed in one of the many "Grande Marque" Cognac houses which all have visitor centers.

- Wikipedia

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