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Çanakkale is a city in the Southern Marmara Region of Turkey, on the Dardanelles. A vibrant town thanks to the quite large student population of the local university, it also serves as a lively hub to travellers of diverse backgrounds and interests.

The city is on the southern, Asian bank of the Dardanelles, a narrow, meandering, and internationally significant waterway collectively known as the Turkish Straits together with the Bosphorus. The Dardanelles links the Aegean Sea (an arm of the Mediterranean) with the Sea of Marmara (and by extension, the Black Sea) while separating Europe (the Gallipoli Peninsula) from Asia (the Troad).

One thing not to miss while in Çanakkale is bomba, which is the usual döner in half a bread plus an omelette inside. There are lots of buffets making it in the cluster of shops located just across the street from ferry harbour.

- Wikivoyage

Image by Mesut Kaya

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