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Berenty Reserve is one of the oldest private nature reserves in Madagascar. The 1000-ha private reserve is 86 km west of Taolagnaro in Toliara Province. You must make arrangements to visit in advance, and the lodging is often fully booked months in advance.

The reserve is located at a bend in the Mandrake River amidst a vast are of sisal plantation. Three are multiple areas that make up the full reserve, including a spiny forest region called Rapily, the main Berenty Reserve (200 ha), and a forest area named Bealoka (100 ha). The reserve is world-famous for its lemurs, which have been studied and filmed extensively. It is also home to the south's largest colony of fruit bats, also known as Madagascar flying foxes. These giant bats are found in group of trees with restricted access in order to protect the colony. 103 bird species can be found within the reserve, including owls and couas. 

The reserve protects a portion of Madagascar's spiny forest, and is also home to more lush forests dominated by tamarind trees.

- Wikivoyage

Image by Mesut Kaya

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