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Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world.  It is an extremely attractive destination due to its amazing cuisine, art, archaeology, history, music, museums, haciendas, 6,000 miles of shoreline and superb architecture. There  is a  multitude of climates and landscapes across the country from snow-capped mountains in the Sierras to rainy jungles in the Southeast and deserts in the Northwest. The once poor nation is one of the Pacific Pumas, seeing significant economic growth and improved infrastructure in the last several decades.

Despite problems such as corruption and the drug war in the North, Mexico has grown steadily, and there have been democratic multiparty elections with peaceful transition of power. The drug war is ongoing and some parts of the country are not entirely safe, but the situation has bettered a lot after the 2000s. Generally the North with cities such as Ciudad Juarez notorious for their violence is more dangerous than the south and Yucatan is among the safest regions in Latin America.

U.S. American tourists tend to predominate on the Baja California peninsula and the more modernized beach resorts (Cancún, Puerto Vallarta), while European tourists congregate around the smaller resort areas in the south like Playa del Carmen and colonial towns San Cristobal de las Casas. Visiting the northern interior allows visitors to get off the beaten path a bit.

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Fun Fact

Mexico City's Must Do's

Mexico City was built on a lake and sinks around 12cm each year.

Yucatan Highlights

Wandering Mexico's West Coast

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