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Lift Off

Day 1 on the TRAVA Journey

“What do you want to do tomorrow?"


It was just a simple 7 worded question, I had asked it a lot of times to a lot of people. But this time it was different, it was special. And it wasn't just special because we were on a speedboat in Mauritius, what made it special was the events that led up to me asking that question and the events that would eventuate.


For the previous 18 months, my oldest friend and I had been working the same long hours, at the same 2 jobs, under the same 2 temperamental bosses. Those days were now over. Now, we were cruising on a speed boat through the crystal clear waters of Mauritius, enjoying our first full day of our trip and tomorrow we would be arriving in Milan on the first stop on a 6 month adventure around Europe. 

Both of us had been overseas before but as 2 fresh faced 19 year olds from one of the most isolated cities in the world, Milan signified something different. It signified exposure to a world that until then had only existed in movies and books, we were going to go to places literally older than time itself, we were going to meet people from every single corner of the world and eat, drink, sleep and weep in cities that we didn't know existed let alone spoke the language.


We knew how special that 'tomorrow moment' was when it happened - we couldn’t dream it back then but it wouldn’t have surprised us that the next 6 months would lead to us paragliding through the Swiss Alps, spending a night homeless in London, drinking from those huge bottles of champagne from a super yacht in Monaco, hanging out with an African refugee for a night in Lille, bumping into future sporting royalty in a pizza line. 


It’s no wonder people get the travel bug.


My oldest friend Seb and I enjoying the Day 1 of our 6 month trip by cruising the islands of Mauritius , 2008.
Young Seb and a very young F1 superstar Daniel Ricciardo at a Pizza line at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, 2008. 

So it seems kind of fitting to bring that question and that moment up now. After 15+ months in the making, the TRAVA journey is about to really begin. Like with that first trip there’s been a lot of money, a lot of doubt and a lot of hard work that has gone into getting TRAVA to this stage. But also like that first trip I’m excited as f*ck to go on this adventure and I’m glad you're here to come on this adventure too.


I really, really do love travelling, it’s something I’m so passionate about and I hope TRAVA can help and inspire you to travel, because this planet that we are spinning around on is filled with the most amazing things and incredible people and right now is the easiest and best time to travel in the history of the world.


I think you owe it to yourself and your ancestors to make the best of this current situations and go on that trip - live that dream!

I hope we at TRAVA can help you discover what those dreams are and encourage you to see those unreal places, do those amazing things, meet those interesting people and make those lasting memories.


Thank you for coming on this journey, looking forward to see where it takes us.

Much Love

Julian Luca

TRAVA Travel 

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