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Útila is the smallest of the three major islands in the Bay Islands group in the west Caribbean Sea off the northern coast of Honduras. It's a very popular destination for those on a budget to get their PADI certifications, or do fun dives, and party. It's a great place to dive but there's little other reason to go.

Getting to Útila is a relatively simple process from many gateway cities. Direct flights to both San Pedro Sula and Roatan are now available from Houston, Atlanta, Miami and Toronto.

Útila is consistently ranked among the best diving destinations in the Caribbean. Útila certifies more new divers than any other location in the Caribbean and arguably around the world. Historically, diving on Útila has been startlingly inexpensive, hence its reputation as a backpacker resort. Moreover, Útila is legendary for its macro creatures (e.g. sting rays, occasional whale sharks). Útila rewards the diver that perfects their buoyancy and is willing to slow down and spend time to find the hidden little creatures of the reef.

- Wikivoyage

Image by Mesut Kaya

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