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Roppongi is an expensive section of Tokyo's Minato ward famous for its nightlife, much of which is geared towards foreigners. It is also a major daytime attraction, with two massive shopping and dining complexes, and various museums.

The area around Roppongi to the south and west is known as Azabu. These districts are generally quieter than Roppongi but have also absorbed some of its vibrant commercial activity and nightlife.

Roppongi is the most cosmopolitan place in Japan, with the highest concentration of embassies, consulates and foreign residents, making it a must-see multicultural melting-pot like nowhere else in the country. Roppongi is also a modern art hub. Despite the frenzy, Roppongi has many peaceful green areas, and still is home to many local residents, so don't hesitate to explore the back alleys, you will find small parks, temples, and local life going on.

- Wikivoyage

Image by Mesut Kaya

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