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The Bay of Fundy, between the southern coast of New Brunswick and the province of Nova Scotia, is famous for the highest tides in the world.

This region of New Brunswick is notable for its seafood and historic coastal towns. The tidal range is famous as the Bay of Fundy acts as a funnel, directing massive amounts of tidal energy to one point; this generates the region's famously large high tides. The tidal range in the Bay of Fundy is about 13 metres (43 ft). (The average tidal range worldwide is about 1 metre.) In one 12-hour tidal cycle, about 100 billion tonnes of water flows in and out of the bay, which is twice as much as the combined flow of all the rivers of the world over the same period.

In 2013 surfers rode it a record-breaking 29 km. Other phenomena include the Reversing Falls near the mouth of the Saint John River, a rip tide at Cape Enrage, and the Old Sow whirlpool at Passamaquoddy Bay. The name is likely a corruption of the French word fendu, meaning "split".

- Wikivoyage

Image by Mesut Kaya

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